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Relaxation Massage Workshop

After many requests, I am offering a massage workshop to my clients, on May 9th at 4 in the afternoon.  


Bring your partner or come alone to spend an afternoon learning concepts and techniques to relax your friend and family. 

We all want greater connection, and touch is the best way to connect with your partner and family. My practice as a professional massage therapist has shown me many ideas and techniques that will help you offer a relaxing massage. 

I will offer my suggestions and guided practice so you can learn how to touch safely, relaxing your partner and creating a deeper connection. These concepts and techniques are geared toward a simple, clothes on massage.

I will keep this course small, at 8 participants so each has guided practice. Participants will receive a printed page with list of techniques and ideas. 

$40USD per person

Contact me directly for more details and to reserve your spot. 646 128 5160