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Reduce Stress & Improve Your Health with Massage

We all have stress.  Unfortunately, chronic stress is can seriously impair your health. Stress is a leading contributing cause to illness and doctor visits.  As noted in the photo, 66% of general doctor visits are from stress symptoms and 50% of patients’ self-report moderate or severe stress in their lives. 

There are many ways to reduce stress including meditation, exercise, healthy relationships, and massage.  Massage is a popular form of stress reduction because it works and the effects are deep, immediate, and proven.

Studies have shown that the stress hormones are decreased and happiness hormones increased. Cortisol - the stress hormone - is decreased by 31% in massage. Serotonin and dopamine - the happiness hormones- are increased by 28% and 31%.   

Massage makes you feel good quickly in a healthy way.  If you want to get out of stress and feel good, get a massage. 

I personally became a regular client over 7 years ago when I was traveling for consulting work in Guatemala, far from my supportive relationships and comfortable culture.  I went weekly to get through those hard months.   Now I seek out other therapists about every two weeks to maintain both my emotional and physical health.  I treat my family and friends better, and I treat myself better after I receive massage therapy.  

In my studio, I have therapies, that emphasize emotional and others that emphasize physical.  Of course they are closely related and we can find one that works for you.