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My 'style' of Relaxation Massage

Several of you recently asked me about my 'style' of relaxation massage:

For relaxation therapies (when pain is not present), I adopt a style suited for the client's request, using my reflexology, hot stones and thai massage training. In practice, it looks like a medium pressure massage that flows over the whole body in a very continuous manner, seldom breaking contact with the body. I vary the rhythm and pressure to keep the sensation interesting, and I take extra time for the feet and hands, back of neck and sacrum. We will also work together to do some deep breathing. I also frequently move and stretch the arms, legs and neck. Clients enjoy this integration of breathe, massage, and movement.  Most come back because my style is very different from other massages they have received.  

My style looks a lot like Lomi Lomi, a style from Hawaii which can be viewed in the video link below:
(I do use sheets to cover my clients unlike this demo)

The sensation of calm and the flow of movement allows the client to sink into a deep relaxation level where their body can receive new information in their nervous system. I work with your nervous system to change how you feel. We often get stuck in chronic tension or continuous pain which leads the changing our movement patterns and functionally 'forgetting' other the sense of relaxation. With new or different information, the nervous system can return to more relaxed state and easier movement patterns.

When a client has pain I use a different style (Orthopedic Massage) that assesses the injured tissue and adopts techniques to facilitate the process of healing. I will post on that soon. . .

Happy Easter Spring Day!