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Massage Therapy Benefits People with Parkinson's


My clients, and many other people, with Parkinson’s find Massage therapy has many benefits to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms and complications.  Some benfits are well documented and some are reported by patients.

 Researched & Reported Massage Benefits for People with Parkinson’s:

·         Improved motor function

·         Improved walking

·         Improved tremors

·         Reduced muscle ache & increased daily stamina  

·         Reduction in stress induced tremors

·         Improved bowl movements commonly associated with Parkinson’s and medications

·         Better and deeper sleep

·         Reduced anxiety / Increased relaxation


I have worked with several clients with Parkinson’s, with the severity ranging from occasional tremors, to severe muscle rigidity and difficulty talking.  My clients have found my work very helpful.  I use relaxation techniques, joint mobilization to decrease rigidity, stretching for range of motion, and occasionally deep tissue.  Each client is different and I adapt to each client.   

Sittara, one of my clients with early onset parkinson's remarked ”Thanks, Jesse. I wanted to tell you that the last session made a marked difference. I felt a lot of relief. Looking forward to Tuesday.” 


Clinical research reports improved motor function and better sleep (Hernandez-Reif, 2002).  On a study of 36 patients, research concluded with improved tremors using neuromuscular therapy (Craig, 2006).  After a weekly massage for 8 weeks, seven study participants with a variety of severity of Parkinson’s all showed improved walking and other parameters (Paterson, 2005).   A study of an hour long massage showed improved gait and increased shoulder mobility (Donoyama,  N., & Ohkoshi, N. (2012). 



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