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Oceanfront Massage and Facial with Friends: Spa Days

I am excited to partner with an LA trained esthetician, Shawn Blake, to offer massage and facial combinations. While one person receives an amazing massage, the other is getting an amazing facial all on a private oceanfront patio in Ensenada.  The picture above will be your view you listen to  the waves and birds.   

This is an exclusive experience to relax while we heal your body and mind in front of the ocean.  We take groups of two to four; while two receive massage and facial, your friends can sunbathe, enjoy conversation or a nap in the private ocean breeze.  Our friends love this service, and keep coming back. You won't find it anywhere else.  

Pricing is just $89 for each client receiving a 60 minute massage and 60 minute facial treatment. 90 minute is an option too.  We can pick you up at your downtown hotel, Starbucks, or cruise boat. 


Be Well, Jesse

By appointment only: MX+52646 128 5160