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Therapeutic Massage for Hino Patients

Updated June 2019

Therapeutic massage supports Hino Medical Center HMC therapies by decreasing pain, increasing circulation, and improving sleep. We approach the body through the perspective of the nervous system, as alternative health care with a view of biopsychosocial model of wellness. While Hino treats the biological, we work with the social and psychological elements of wellness.

Dr. Hino and staff have worked with us and referred patients since 2015 when our office was next door on Obregon.  We are now just 2 blocks away.  We are now just 2 blocks away.

We are highly trained to safely adapt massage techniques to various medical conditions including sciatica, lymes, oncology, arthritis, IBD. Jesse is a cancer survivor with compassion for patients in medical conditions including the physical, financial, and medical stress.

We are 2 blocks for HMC, offer online booking, trained and registered therapists, deep tissue work, mobile massage and credit card payments.  Call me to discuss special medical situations and how we can help. There is no charge for initial consult.

Jesse Atkinson, MA