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Healthy Living Sites in Ensenada

Clients often ask me where to locate health and wellness places, so here is a helpful list that I have personally used. Please offer suggestions in the comments, thanks!  I will update as feasible.

Nutrition research: I use  The MD there spends his time reading only published nutrition studies, then makes easy videos to explain how we can use the research.  Mostly encourages a plant based diet. 

Turmeric: Dried at Fruty Mario Ambar and Ruiz corner.  Look in dry bulk cannisters inside. Dried also at Semillas and Especias on 5th and Alavardo corner.  Great place for bulk spices like ginger, jamica, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Raw turmeric root I found at Ley on 16th and Reforma corner.

Vegan/vegetarian products: La Milpa on Floresta and 3rd. 

Herbs/yerba matte: La Milpa on Floresta and 3rd.

Juices: Hino's nutrution center has all the trimmings with wheatgrass, apple cider vinegar and ginger available, and quality juice machine.  Baja Fruit on 11th and Riverol and 16th and Gastelum? Is a good cheaper alternative that offers base juice added to veggies in a blender.  It is cheaper and that is easier to access. 

Yoga studio: Shanti Yoga on Ryerson and 10th has the most consistent and variety of classes.  Good facilities.

Organic Market: Mogor Market on Wed/Saturdays in Valle.  Comens in Centro next to Santo Tomas has biological veggies less common here such as heirloom tomatoes and purple carrots. 

Alkaline water: Maria Luisa's on 11th and Ruiz near my office has it on stock in 5 gallon, so no waiting to refill.  About same price as other water.  

Raw goat milk: Just found this through Gonzalo Rodgriguez. 

Will update with time . . . .