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My Favorites and Friends

Local Partners

Blue Ribbon Medical Network, is a great coordinator for medical tourism, they have access to best quality private doctors/hospital I have used my tumor removal and occasional emergencies (dog bites, burns, broken bones).

Valley Girl Wine Tours is the highest quality customized wine tours in Valle de Guadalupe.

Massage Related

Orthopedic Massage Academy best online- distance course for advance massage therapy and critical thinking about manual care. And my Alma Mater!

Massage and Fitness Magazine bring evidenced based articles to massage and movement profession.

Job’s Body was the most interesting, inspirational massage book in my early years.

Healthy, Simple Living

Early Retirement Extreme has helped me think about working and living, new ideas on what is possible in savings and simple living.

Nutrition was my guiding light for nuturition information after my cancer, and remains my source to get summaries of actual research behind new nutrition trends and ideas.

Go Curry Cracker inspirational couple living a traveling lifestyle and sharing their experience.


Brilliant Love, Radiant Joy

Radical Honesty

Trailguide to the Body

100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out Window