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Eco-friendly Efforts

updated June 2019

We are all in this world together, for a short time, before passing it on.

Nature is a source joy and stillness for me, and a common resource we all share.  I make an effort to run my life and Ensenada Massage in an eco-friendly way. Here is what we have been doing along the way. Please give me additional ideas in the comments section!

  • Switched to LED office lights where possible.

  • Buying massage cream by volume to reduce shipping and packaging.

  • We decided to us hot water pot for facials rather than plumb for hot water.

  • Laundry provider Jorge to use eco friendly detergent.

  • Laundry is done in volume to reduce transport and unit costs. Also using spot removal to keep sheets clean and professional rather than throw out and buy new. Couples who receive massage one after another have a choice to use the same sheets.

  • Installing efficient mini split this summer rather than older cooler/fan used last year to keep temps comfortable.

  • Installed ceiling vent rather than fan in the window.

  • I personally live within walking distance, and have adopted a biking lifestyle whenever possible. As of yet, I can't bike to pick up cruise boat couples or to the valle! Main therapists all live nearby to reduce transportation time and costs.

  • Switched to washable face rests and sheets rather than disposables.

  • Using washable towels rather than paper towels in our private bathroom.

  • Using LED street sign on a timer, only during busy traffic hours of night. But Google Street views hasn’t been updated. . .

  • Switched to energy efficient table warmers instead of space heaters in the winter.

  • Switched to energy efficient Hot Stone warmers.

  • Eliminating printed material advertising when digital works as well or better.

  • Switching to paper water cups rather than plastic

  • In my home I am a vegan and flexitarian when out and about socially

Please let me know in your ideas with a comment below!  We are open to change, and I challenge you to make 1 simple change this week: 

And if you want to dance like a child to get in the eco groove listen to Jack Johnson here;)    

Reduce, Reduce, Recycle. . .