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Hey, This is Arturo and I am using this page to make reservations easier and more secure for you and me. Please reserve here with a deposit, and we can customize your day and answer all questions after. Prices are per person, with just a refundable deposit here to reserve for the group, then we can customize an awesome day for your family and friends. Facebook message me with any questions, or a call to +16085544567.

Connect with Local Taxi Arturo for day adventure for your family or group. Safe fun for Blow hole, Ensenada ATV, Zipline, Flea Market Animal Park. NOT affiliated with Carnival or big tour company. You will love: 

 * VIP Private pickup & drop off from ship; guaranteed back to ship on time

* Friendly local drivers, insured and registered

* Flexible Planning - Reserve your day and alter adventure day later

*Reserve online with confirmation and pick up point

*10% Discount on Ensenada’s Best Massage after tour

 Facebooker Wendy W: “Want something fun to do in Ensenada??? Contact Arturo at Ensenada Excursioneers. He set our whole day up with Tomas and we had a wonderful day on ATV rides and a trip to La Bufadora/swap meet. He can put a great package together for your family too.” 4/2019 in Carnival group


Best Time Thanks to Arturo!

Had the Best time in Ensenada thanks to Arturo Godinez I highly recommend him! We did ATV’s, Pei Pei and La Bufadora. We had an awesome driver!!

Jeanette Lynn Family, Facebook Carnival Group July 16


Part of the awesomeness was Arturo and his friendly service!

I just got back from our NYE cruise and it was AMAZING! Part of the awesomeness was Arturo Godinez and his friendly service! We took a private blow hole tour and it was simply wonderful. We were late( sorry again Arturo and Pedro), But they Waited for us and was so friendly! He took us to get beer, and snacks before the drive to the blowhole, and during the drive was friendly and engaging. He gave us PLENTY of time at la buffadora. None of this you have 1-2 hours hurry up and get back! NOOOO Pedro let us shop at our leisure. We even had time to get food and enjoy our meal!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ARTURO! My mom is STILL talking about what a good time she had! It meant the world to us to encounter such kind people! Raven, Facebooker, Jan 6