I (Jesse) founded Ensenada Massage after what could have been a good blues song, or a bad country song; Heartbreak, a street dog named Tina, and testicular cancer. That trio brought me to Ensenada and eventually leave economic consulting and college teaching to build a better life for myself, and Tina. And Ensenada Massage has been a big part of expressing my values of health, connection, and peace.

One might say manual therapy is in my family DNA - my brother and father are chiropractors - and my uncle was a therapeutic massage therapist.

Therapeutic Massage Roots

Incorporating the best I could find in therapeutic bodywork, I retrained myself as a massage therapist, including influences in the Pain Science community, modern neuroscience and physiology, training in Orthopedic Massage with Whitney Lowe. I traveled for reflexology intensive courses in Thailand’s renowned Wat Po Traditional Massage School, and in Mysore, India for ayurvedic massage training.

Hino Medical Center chose me to serve their medical tourist patients and share my passion for wellness and preventative care. That working relationship has given us lots of experience working with clients in medical situations. The bond between therapist and client can be intense and many have trusted me and my staff to help them find better well being.

My relaxation therapy clients on social media have said I have ‘magic, healing hands’ among the 150+ 5 star reviews; these remarks reflect the fact that I get lots of massage to keep myself tuned into the client experience!

Relaxation Massage, Couples and Ensenada Travel

It’s been enjoyable serving the fun tourism from the cruise boats, wine valley here in this small paradise of Ensenada. Seeing the cruise fun convinced me to try it, so I took the Carnival Baja Cruise in December 2018. We loved it! Now I try and stay connected to the baja travel and cruise communities with blogging and specailzed services I love sharing this place with others and helping them feel safe here in my hometown.

As I travel through life and baja, I value taking care of families, friends, and helping couples stay connected with special moments together. True happiness is shared! I share my recommendations for Things to do in Ensenada Activities here:

I don’t have enough hands to do all the great massage here, so I consistently receive massage (about monthly) throughout Ensenada and invite the best massage therapists to join our team. It’s fun interviewing new massage talent!!

Other stuff and Travel

In my varied life, I also have a bachelor’s in business economics from the University of Wisconsin, a master’s in International Economics and Policy from UCSD, and a superhost status on Airbnb, and standing seat as the resident harmonica player in our local jam group (no one else applied). I worked stints at US Treasury Department, UC Berkeley, and with development projects throughout Mexico and central america. I even co-authored on one academic paper on microsavings before turning to massage therapy.

I prefer a quiet routine most of the year, keeping life simple and my expenses low; and then break out for a month travel adventure every year or two. India, Turkey, Thailand, Ghana, Honduras. . . where next?

On my travels, I love to take courses and receive massage in different cultures to experience that culture’s tradition, and use some of what I learn in our studio.


Mi llegada a Ensenada podria haber sido una buena cancion de Blues o una mala cancion de Country: Corazon roto, una perra callejera llamada Tina y cancer testicular.

Desde entonces, deje mi carrera de consultor economico para construir una vida mejor para mi y para Tina. Y Masaje Ensenada ha sido una parte muy importante.

Podriamos decir que la terapia manual esta en el ADN de mi familia, mi hermano y mi papa son quiropracticos, y mi tio era un masajista terapeutico.

Origenes del masaje Terapeutico

Reclutado en masajes, incorporando lo mejor que pude encontrar en ciencia, inclyendo grandes influencias en la comunidad del dolor que integra la neurociencia y la fisiologia modernas, entrenamiento con masaje ortopedico con Whitney Lowe. Viaje por reflexologia en el famoso templo Wat Po de Tailandia y en Mysore, India para el entrenamiento de masaje ayurvedico.

Me han dicho que tengo manos magicas, manos sanadoras y muchas cosas. El vinculo entre el terapeuta y el cliente puede ser intenso y muchos han confiado en mi y en mi equipo para ayudarlos a encontrar un mejor bienestar.

Fui elegido como el destino de referencia por el estimado centro de celulas madre HMC, atendiendo a una base de pacientes con una variedad de afecciones corporales que buscan terapia con celulas madre. Por lo tanto tenemos mucha experiencia trabajando con clientes en situaciones medicas.

Diversion en pareja y turismo

Ha sido agradable poder servir al turismo de los cruceros, el valle del vino aqui en este pequeno paraiso de Ensenada. Me encanta compartir este lugar con otros y ayudarlos a sentirse seguros en mi ciudad natal.

A medida que maduro en la vida, realmente voloro cuidar a las familias y parejas haciendo que el amor y las relaciones sean increibles.

No tengo sufucicientes manos para hacer todo el gran masaje aqui, constamente realizo masajes en toda Ensenada e invito a los mejores terapeutas de masaje para que trabajen con nosotros. Es divertido entrevistas a nuevas talentos !!

Otras cosas y viajes

En mi vida variada tambien tengo una lincenciatura en economia de negocios de la Universidad de Wisconsin, una maestria en Economia y Politica Internacional de UCSD, un estatus de anfitrion en Airb&b, y un puesto permanente como musico, tocando la armonica en nuestro grupo local Jam (nadie mas aplico). Trabaje en Estados Unidos.