What kind of Massage?

We are well trained in a variety of massage, and we blend the techniques for the client.  We ask each new client about their body and what are their areas to concern.  

Without special requests, your massage will incorporate lomi-lomi long flowing techniques, reflexology with specific work on the feet, head/neck, and hands.  For each client, we vary the pressure, and table temperature and speed for relaxation.  Each therapist is slightly different style, and we are all top notch (I have received from each therapist before inviting them to work in my studio). 

Available techniques: swedish, lomi-lomi, lymphatic drainage, oncology massage, reflexology, table thai-yoga massage, therapeutic stretching and joint mobilization, deep tissue, hot stones, post operative, prenatal, pain reduction, sciatic massage,

Our therapies are whole body. We massage the back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, neck, head, scalp and face.  Abdominal massage and facial massage is available. In an hour we move efficiently through the whole body.  In 90 min session we have more time to work.  We can also focus on just one or two areas such as back massage, foot massage..  

Massage includes heated massage table, aromatherapy, and the sound of water fountain.  Book Now

Check bios for individual training.

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