Massage Therapies for Hino Medical Patients

The medical journey is winding and full of sources of stress and pain.  I have been through my own medical journey and am happy to share massage for profound relaxation and pain relief.  Dr. Hino, Oscar, and Leon trust our work and send clients often.

The hot stone circulatory massage assists with Hino treatments, especially when patients are not physically active.  My orthopedic massage techniques help evaluate joint pain and address muscular tension.  I am  trained in oncology massage and have dealt with clients in various stages of cancer treatment.  Additionally, I have had success helping clients with fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis, neck pain, and sciatica.  

Call me direct to discuss your situation and which therapy might help you. US +1 608 554 4567 +52 1 646 128 5160

We are 2.5 blocks away and offer pickup and drop off from Hino's if needed. Regular rates are $44 and $64 for 60 and 90 min in studio.  Outcall for special medical conditions is available. 

 Jesse Atkinson, MA